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How to use gas deck ovens

Working principle of gas deck oven
Gas deck oven mainly converts liquefied gas into high temperature heat energy for physical baking until cooked. Its functional principle is as follows:
(1) the use of microcomputer pulse ignition and flame detection, to reduce the non-ignition, and can timely alarm accidental flameout or flameout of gas burning situation, very safe.
(2) the use of microcomputer control panel, switch with stilt design, the overall appearance of the modeling is very beautiful.
(3) the surface fire and primer fire of the gas-fired layer oven are independently controlled by independent burners.
(4) the gas layer oven is layered with glass Windows, which can observe the baking situation in the furnace at any time. The humanized sliding door design is convenient for taking things.
(5) gas-fired layer oven adopts stainless steel burner, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, very durable, long service life.
(6) universal casters are adopted under the gas-fired layer oven, which is very convenient and labor-saving in both movement and transportation.
How to use the gas deck oven
The operation mode of the gas deck oven is very similar to that of the general oven. Please read the operation manual carefully before use and pay attention to the following matters needing attention:
(1) installation and debugging: after installation, qualified electrician certificate is required for equipment debugging.
(2) check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the machine mark.
(3) check whether all wiring parts of the machine are secure and whether they are connected and plugged into special sockets with leakage protection and overload protection devices
(4) take appropriate protective measures to avoid burns or scalds when taking and placing pastry items.
(5) each layer of the oven is equipped with a temperature limiter. When the temperature limit is reached, the power supply of the heating pipe in the oven will be cut off in time to prevent the equipment from burning out due to excessive temperature.
(6) the oven should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment. From the back wall is more than 20 cm, to ensure smooth frustrated hole temperature between - 10 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity is 85 ℃.
(7) oven side should not stack flammable items, and do not allow direct sunlight.
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