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Proper use of gas deck oven

Correct use of gas deck oven
  We have been studying gas baking oven  for many years, and we have been changing the design. But the gas baking is made by the manufacturer and the supplier is in the hands of the customer. Gas baking oven will have incorrect use and maintenance, which will lead to a variety of problems, resulting in increased maintenance costs for suppliers. Today we write an article about the correct use of gas oven for suppliers and customers, hoping to help everyone.

  After receiving the customer's order, the dealer sends the gas baking oven to the baking shop.Then connect the gas deck oven to the gas line. Turn on the switch and test that each function can be used normally, and it will be done.

  In fact, this method of operation is not professional. There are a few things we must do before using the gas oven:

  First, Check the quality of the oven stainless steel, including checking for damage, because the gas baking oven will be damaged during transportation, and then the outer packaging of the adhesive tape will be processed to avoid the dissolution of the adhesive tape in the gas oven.
  Second: Check the door of the oven. The Chinese manufacturer's gas  deck oven is transported all over the world. The bumps along the way sometimes cause damage to the glass of the gas oven. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the door glass of the oven is intact, and then open the door of the  oven by hand, then close the door and test it dozens of times. During the test, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tension of the spring ensures the sealing performance of the gas oven door. Because the gas oven's door sealing performance of the gas oven during the heating process of baking bread depends on the quality of the baked bread.
  Third: We must check the wire plug of the oven before getting ready to connect to the power supply. In Southeast Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, Europe, France, the United Kingdom, the Americas, Mexico, the United States, South America, Brazil, Chile, or South Africa... each country uses different wire plugs, including three-phase electricity, or two Phase 220v. You must check the instructions for the gas baking oven before use and follow the wiring diagram.
  Fourth: When the gas pipe device is connected, it is necessary to check whether there is a leak in the process of the gas pipe to the gas oven. It must be rigorously checked, if the leaking gas in the gas oven is used, the consequences will be unimaginable!
  Fifth: Gas baking ovens manufactured in Chinese factories have distribution and exhaust devices. After installing the exhaust unit according to the instructions, the exhaust pipe must be connected externally, and it is strictly forbidden to discharge indoors.
  Sixth: After the installation test is completed according to the instructions, the gas oven can be turned on. The switch function must be known before turning on the gas oven. The control panel of the gas oven made in China is divided into two categories, one, digital intelligent integrated control panel. Second, switch, temperature control, timing, split control switch. The gas oven is divided into a top fire control and a bottom fire control switch, a light switch, a timer switch, and a steam spray switch. If you are using an intelligent control system, it has a memory menu function. After understanding the instructions, you can prepare to turn on the gas oven, but at this point we have to open the door of the gas oven, then we set the gas oven's ignition switch to 250 degrees. At this point, the gas oven ignites the gas stainless steel tube of the gas oven through a pulse ignition system. We opened the gas oven door and observed the blue flame of the gas stainless steel tube. The real-time temperature is then displayed to the control panel via the temperature controller. On the first use of the gas oven, the top and bottom fires are set to 250 degrees and the time switch is set to 40 minutes. Through testing we can understand whether the gas oven is running normally!
  Ok, today we will share it here, hope to help you! Next time we have the opportunity to share the faults and solutions for the gas deck oven. If you want to know more please contact us. Welcome to send us emails and follow us on the website!


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