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2019 China Baking Exhibition

  2019 China (Shanghai) Baking Exhibition, with more than 500 exhibitors, and more than 20 professional buyers from more than 20 countries and regions. This exhibition gathers industry-recognized industry associations and media from around the world to showcase and purchase products. The integration of trade and distribution has become an indispensable event for the Chinese bakery food industry.

  2019 China (Shanghai) Baking Exhibition (abbreviation: Baking Exhibition) As an industry sourcing event not to be missed in China's bakery food industry, it has been successfully held in Shanghai, with a total exhibition area of more than 10,000 square meters. Thousands of excellent suppliers of baked goods from more than 40 countries and regions came to participate in the exhibition and hundreds of thousands of professional buyers in the field of domestic and foreign baked goods visited the site to visit and purchase.

  At the same time, the exhibition held the International Import and Export Baking Food Policy and Laws and Regulations Exchange Conference, the International Cross-border E-Commerce Summit, the Imported Food Label and Health Standards Seminar, the Specialty Catering Development Innovation Forum and Awards, the China Bakery Food Tasting and International Tourism. A number of forum events, such as the catering service buyer's salon meeting, attracted the attention of many international organizations and industry colleagues. The exhibition will rely on Shanghai as the window to rely on the strong demand of the Chinese consumer market, and strive to become the bakery industry event in the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition plans to greatly enhance the scale, grade and invitation of professional buyers on the basis of the original. The exhibition will be a rare opportunity for baking food companies from all over the world to exchange learning, economic and trade negotiations, business development and brand promotion. We believe that CBE CHINA 2019-Shanghai will bring more benefits and greater joy to Chinese and foreign exhibitors.

  The exhibition is aimed at hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, shops and other commercial spaces. It is a professional exhibition dedicated to one-stop supply and solutions of baked goods. It will invite nearly 10,000 exhibitors. Buyer's one-stop shopping platform.

Exhibition scope

  Food, cakes (moon cakes), bread, cakes, biscuits, raw and auxiliary materials for catering, decorations and food processing (OEM);

  Special grease, cream, special flour, ready-mixed powder, frozen dough, starch, potato products;

  Moon cakes and pastry accessories such as fillings, fruit materials, nuts, preserved fruits, and canned fruits;

  Baking equipment and utensils, handicraft baking equipment and utensils, baked products and finished products;

  Food stuffing wok, sandwich pot; (filling) automatic metering and packaging machinery;

  Biscuit production equipment, raw materials and packaging, etc.;

  Moon cake packaging, fillings, molds and production equipment;

  Display cabinets, storage and refrigerated cabinets, storefront decoration;

  Flour improver, bread improver, cake improver, instant noodle improver, preservative, yeast, flavor, essence, color, sweetener and other related food additives;

  Packaging machinery for food (moon cakes, biscuits, cold food, pasta, chocolate, etc.);

  Cake room, kitchen, western restaurant, coffee shop production equipment, raw materials and supplies, etc.;

  Cake decoration materials such as fluffy pine, chocolate products, sugar, candles, and simulated food models;

  Coffee, coffee products, coffee machines, coffee processing equipment;

  Baking technology, books, baking training institutions and related food equipment, utensils, tools and metal detection equipment.

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