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  Xi Jinping announced that China will adopt a series of major reform and opening up measures to promote a higher level of opening up. We will expand foreign market access in a wider area, strengthen international cooperation in intellectual property protection, increase imports of goods and services on a larger scale, implement international macroeconomic policy coordination more effectively, and pay more attention to the implementation of the opening up policy.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the “One Belt, One Road” initiative is to jointly focus on interconnection, deepen pragmatic cooperation, and jointly address various risks and challenges facing humanity to achieve mutual benefit and common development. Thanks to the joint efforts of all parties, the achievements of the first summit forum were successfully implemented, and more than 150 countries and international organizations signed a "One Belt, One Road" cooperation agreement with China. From Asia and Europe to Africa, the Americas and Oceania, the “One Belt and One Road” has opened up new space for world economic growth, built a new platform for international trade and investment, and expanded new practices for improving global economic governance. Welfare has made new contributions and has become a common road of opportunity and a road to prosperity.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the "One Belt and One Road" should be built together, conform to the historical trend of economic globalization, conform to the requirements of the era of global governance system reform, and conform to the strong desire of people of all countries to live a better life. Facing the future, we must focus on the key points, intensively work together, and draw a meticulous and meticulous "Meticulous Painting" to promote the "One Belt, One Road" to continue to advance along the direction of high quality development. We must uphold the principle of building, building, and sharing, advocating multilateralism, and through various forms such as bilateral cooperation, tripartite cooperation, and multilateral cooperation, we will gather into a tower and build water into a river. We must adhere to the concept of openness, greenness, and cleanliness, not to engage in closed-door small circles, promote green infrastructure construction, green investment, and green finance, and insist that all cooperation is operating in the sun. We are willing to build a harmonious atmosphere with all parties. Silk Road. We must strive to achieve high standards, benefit people's livelihood, sustainable goals, introduce rules and standards that are generally supported by all parties, respect national laws and regulations, adhere to the people-centered development thinking, focus on eliminating poverty, increase employment, improve people's livelihood, and let the common The “One Belt, One Road” outcome will benefit all people, while ensuring commercial and financial sustainability.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the key to building a “Belt and Road” is interconnection. We should build a global interconnected partnership to achieve common development and prosperity. China will continue to work with all parties to build an economic corridor led by the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, with the main channels such as the Central European banquet, the new land and sea channel, and the information highway as the skeleton, and the interconnection based on railways, ports and pipe networks. Interworking network. We welcome multilateral and national financial institutions to participate in the joint construction of “One Belt, One Road” investment and financing, and achieve the goal of mutual benefit through multi-participation. We must promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, clearly oppose protectionism, and promote economic globalization toward a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced, and win-win direction. China will hold the second China International Import Expo this year to build a broader platform for all parties to enter the Chinese market. We must conform to the development trend of the fourth industrial revolution, explore new growth kinetic energy and development path, build the digital silk road, innovate the Silk Road, and continue to implement the “One Belt and One Road” scientific and technological innovation action plan. We must work hard to strengthen international development cooperation, create more development opportunities and space for developing countries, and help them escape poverty and achieve sustainable development. We must actively set up bridges for mutual learning and mutual learning among different civilizations, carry out in-depth humanities cooperation in various fields, and form a multi-interactive humanistic exchange pattern.

  Baking kitchen equipment manufacturers, one belt and one road strategy, using high-tech intelligent equipment to build a 4.0 factory. Contribute to the world of baking ovens.

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